Kelsey + Nate // Palm Springs, CA

If you want to have a wedding in Palm Springs, you must follow a very strict formula. There are three things every wedding in Palm Springs MUST have: great friends, great food, and a little bit of Joshua Tree thrown in (for good measure). These are just rules that one should live by in general.


Kelsey and Nathan are about as genuine as they come. With only 15 guests in a quaint Joshua Tree venue that is nearly impossible to find, their laughter could be heard all the way down the five-mile stretch of Indian Cove Boulevard. Their vows uniquely stated how perfect they were for each other, but you could just see how perfect these two Chicagoans were by the way they looked into each others' eyes, spoke about their first date, and the fact that meeting on OK Cupid actually worked for them. 


We were hit with the cliche Joshua Tree wind as we searched for the most photogenic trees in the park. Upon finding the cutest ones, the couple was cheered on by passing honking cars, people waving thumbs-up signs and shouting congratulations. Just as the Santa Ana winds are fabled to bring bad luck, the Joshua Tree winds bring good, as we could feel the fortune in the air. 

The third part of the perfect Palm Springs wedding is great food. Sometimes the best wedding receptions are 15 guests, great drinks, and one long table. Include some very cleverly named cocktails (Ancho Libre, PalmSpringer, M-80), two dads discussing their favorite 90's rap stars, and an amaranth caramel sauce that defies human logic, and you have the recipe for the perfect Palm Springs wedding. 


VENUE: Indian Cove Amphitheater
RESTAURANT: Workshop Kitchen and Bar