Lauren + Frank // Palm Springs, CA

Do you ever meet a couple and think, "they have it"? Lauren and Frank are that couple for me. We first met at a local Starbucks, and less than five seconds into our conversation we were all laughing hysterically about sandwiches, wind, and dehydrated strawberries. Things people often don't laugh uncontrollably about; but together Lauren + Frank are infectious and make you happy. But what really made me believe they have "it" is the way they look at each other. You know the way you feel when you see a giant plate of tacos? Asking for a friend, obviously. That's what I think they feel when they look at each other. Just literally, love.

The second time I met Lauren + Frank was at their rehearsal dinner. There is something so meaningful about a couple who graciously invites you into their family home, lets you pet/photograph their animals, and serves you pizza + beer, while nonchalantly uncorking bottles of champagne and talking about their familyโ€™s Native American/Western home dรฉcor.

Their wedding was just as laid-back: romantic and full of details significant to them, with a taco truck and cheesecake bar for dessert. It was these details: the hand-cut redwood placeholders, a gold heart-shaped locket Lauren wore on her dress, a DIY photo booth designed by one of Lauren's bridesmaids, the bow ties and suspenders worn by the groomsmen, a high school friend deejay-ing the dance party in the middle of a secluded country club, a Spice Girls dance party in the locker room, Kleenex attached to Lauren's bouquet, to Frank's father officiating the ceremony, that made their wedding truly special for them. 


This was one of the most laid-back weddings I have ever photographed. I mean, tacos, cheesecake, an outdoor park, Bocce ball, and 90's rap playing in the middle of a country club whose median occupancy age is 65? It truly fit the laid-back Palm Springs vibe that I am all about. Lauren + Frank's energy and the love they emanated made their wedding both romantic, perfectly them, and truly memorable. These two made the 90-degree temps, old ladies in the locker room talking about when they got married, golf carts almost running us over, and 9 pm dance parties in the middle of a country club totally a thing.