Sammy + Michael // Pioneertown, CA

I love telling a story through wedding photography. That involves not only telling the story of the couple and their journey through the day, but also stories of their family members, friends, and the little details packed throughout.


But my favorite part of wedding photography is the in-between moments. The moments that maybe other photographers might decide to put their camera down and take a break; but those are the moments that the couple will cherish most.

Sammy + Michael’s colorful and rustic Pioneertown wedding was full of in-between moments. It seemed inappropriate to put my camera down because everything about this wedding was so perfectly them, and absolutely none of it was posed.

The in-between moments don’t have to be perfect. It can be as simple as Michael pushing a strand of hair away from Sammy’s face as their eyes lock in for a second.

It can be that smile he gives her right after he says, “I do”.

It can be when the champagne bottle explodes everywhere.

I used to think that so many photographers could create weddings that were perfect and looked like beautiful editorial spreads from a magazine. But that’s just not me.

I believe everything about a wedding is beautiful, right down to the laughter, tears, and in-between moments. I will not polish the day into what doesn’t feel like real life anymore. The wedding day is always perfect, with unsuspecting moments that creep in and make it memorable.

That’s what I love so much about Sammy + Michael’s wedding.

Between first looks, custom beer kegs, selfies during the ceremony, corn hole, the cutest dogs everywhere, and some damn good tacos + custom cupcakes, this wedding is surely one which I will remember and I hope Sammy + Michael cherish forever.