Marjan + Juan // Upland, CA

Marjan and Juan renewed their vows last weekend at the cutest house in Upland. Just like “UP”, where they got married had an inflatable house, cute kids, and a couple you know will have the same lasting relationship as Carl + Ellie. And who are also just as cute together!

Despite the fact that Marjuan (their couples’ name I created for them) is already married, the two wanted to renew their vows in front of their loved ones, and show that it does not matter how long you have been married, true loves is real, and it never fades.

All the wedding vibes were happening at the UPland House, but with a California twist. There were cats named Arnold Schwarzenegger, handmade bouquets from Costco, Trader Joe’s and homegrown eucalyptus, some amazing handmade tacos, a “mosh pit” at the end of the night, an inflatable bouncy house I had to stop myself from jumping in, and Marjuan spending their wedding day together in total love.