Chelsea + Matt // Encinitas, CA

I first met Chelsea + Matt at their engagement session in Carlsbad. What should have been a two-hour shoot became twenty minutes, followed by an hour of finding my lost cell phone in the ocean, apologizing for accidentally dropping Matt’s $120 vape (also) in the ocean, and figuring out how I would get home without my Google Maps. Despite all, Chelsea and Matt were the sweetest and cutest couple together. You could feel their love for each other immediately, and despite the quick session, the photos that resulted truly show just how much of a connection they have. Check out their engagement session here:

Chelsea + Matt rented an Air BnB in Leucadia for their wedding that was the perfect 20’s farmhouse. It looked like it fell straight out of a tropical plantation, but it also reminded me of my Grandparents’ farmhouse in rural Iowa. The mix of old and new added to the intimate vibe of their wedding. I found myself mixing traditional pieces from the old house, like sconces, old windows, and her Grandmother’s wedding band, with Chelsea’s newer items, like her dress and shoes.

I absolutely couldn’t wait to photograph their wedding and knew that their day was going to have exactly the same vibes as their engagement session. The details they included on their wedding day made it feel so personal and quintessentially them. Put together by Vanessa from the DIY Bride ( and Splendid Sentiments (, the Hawaiian accents that Chelsea + Matt told me they wanted to include transported them to the tropics. Chelsea also included memorials for her father, and the non-traditional family-focused and intimate wedding day made this a wedding that was so fun + personal to photograph.


For just $50, Chelsea + Matt secured the perfect spot for their small + intimate ceremony. The hidden gem, at the D Street overlook, was ideal, because you had the best views of the ocean, without the crowds down on the sand. I want to shout out to the amazing woman who yelled at everyone in the public beach parking lot that I was there to photograph a wedding and saved a spot for me by standing in it. I don't know who this woman is, but she's my MVP for that day. 


After the ceremony, we decided to brave the crazy crowds and take some photos down on the beach. It was madness, but I love that Chelsea and Matt were down for having people in the photos, because they understood it added to the story of their day. And plus, it's just fun to have little kids run up to you, calling you Cinderella and Prince Charming, and cute old ladies congratulating you! Also, I didn't lose my phone this time. Or break a vape. So, win. 

The island vibes were strong throughout the whole day. I found myself forgetting several times that we were in San Diego and not Hawaii. With the smell of Yakisoba and beach air wafting in the breeze, tiki torches lighting the way into the reception, and long rows of farm tables positioned under the San Diego sunset, it truly made for a beautiful and intimate night.